CFI-LI in Newsday

May 18, 2010

CFI Long island was included in Newsday’s April 3, 2010 “Ask the Clergy” Column. Coordinator Amy Frushour Kelly, a humanist minister, was asked to answer the question, “Does the new health care law go far enough morally?”


AFK answered: It’s difficult to give a “secular humanist” answer to this question because the health care law involves many variables that have less to do with a person’s religious views and much more to do with economic or political views.

We secular humanists base our morality on goodwill and consideration of our fellow human beings, so, of course, we want people to be able to live healthy lives. In this, we are no different from most religious believers. The difficulty we all share is in determining the best system to ensure the best health care.

From my personal perspective, I believe every human being has a fundamental right to have unrestricted, free access to health care, including birth control, family planning, mental health care and (when appropriate) the right to die on one’s own terms in the face of terminal illness. To deny or restrict any of these rights is unethical. So, while the law is a step in a commendable direction, my own feeling is that it doesn’t go far enough.


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