A New Ten Commandments

The CFI Community of Long Island version of the “Ten Commandments,” which we inherited from our forerunner, “Long Island Secular Humanists.”  This version is noted on the Religious Tolerance.org website: http://www.religioustolerance.org/chr_10cm.htm .

The Ten Commandments

We shall not limit freedom of thought

We shall not cause unnecessary harm to any living thing or the environment

We shall be respectful of the rights of others

We shall be honest

We shall be responsible for our actions

We shall be fair in all matters to all persons

We shall be considerate of the happiness and well being of others

We shall be reasonable in our actions

We shall nurture these values by word & deed in our children, family, friends and acquaintances

We shall not limit inquiring or testing by their consequences, on any matter, including these Commandments

©Copyright CFI Community of Long Island 2003