What We Do

Education and Discourse.

CFI-LI presents informative, exciting, even controversial speakers at its monthly educational forum. We also host discussion groups, debates, and public forms at a variety of locations in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Most of these events are free and open to the public.

Community Outreach.

We are committed to the Rights of Person, regardless of age, gender, politics, or orientation. We honor this commitment through events and activities like our annual Secular Parenting Forum and our longstanding participation in the LI Pride Parade and Festival.

Social Events and Networking.

Until recently, many freethinkers felt isolated or ostracized. The internet has provided a forum, but what about connecting in a real-life community? With regular free-form events like Drinking Skeptically, the LI Atheist Meetup, and monthly coffee group, CFI-LI offers a wide range of opportunities to meet fellow freethinkers for conversation and camaraderie.